1933: State Flag of Germany with Swastika Introduced

1933: State Flag of Germany with Swastika Introduced
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From this day in 1933 Hitler’s Germany used the familiar red flag with a swastika. It was previously the flag of the Nazi party (NSDAP). Red, black and white were the colors of the German Reich.

In his book “Mein Kampf”, Hitler explained what each color means: red indicated the social idea of the Nazi movement, white stood for nationalism, and the swastika portrayed Aryan man striving for victory and the triumph of the idea of creative work.

It is interesting that, according to Hitler’s personal preference,the hands of the swastika were oriented in a clockwise direction. When he was warned that, according to tradition, this brings misfortune and that the hands of the swastika should be pointing in the opposite direction, he did not pay any attention.

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