1926: Birth of Queen Elizabeth II

1926: Birth of Queen Elizabeth II
Photo Credit To Wikipedia Commons / Elizabeth in Auxiliary Territorial Service uniform, April 1945

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  • Historical event
  • 21 April 1926
  • Elizabeth was born on this day back in the year 1926, in a house in London's Mayfair. That house belonged to her grandfather - the Scottish Earl named Claude Bowes-Lyon.

On this day Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her personal birthday. In addition to being Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, she is also Queen of Canada, Queen of Australia, Queen of New Zealand, Queen of Jamaica, and head of state in 12 other independent countries.

Interestingly, the “official” Queen’s birthday, which is usually a national holiday, does not fall on the date of her real birthday. Indeed, it varies in different countries of the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth was born on this day back in the year 1926, in the house of her grandfather – the Scottish Earl and the owner of the famous Glamis Castle in Scotland (where, according to Shakespeare, Macbeth also lived).

In her childhood, Elizabeth was affectionately called “Lilibet” within her family. Her governess described her as an orderly and responsible girl who loved dogs and horses.

She became Queen when she was 25 years old, and in 2012 she celebrated the 60th anniversary of her rule (Diamond Jubilee). The record of the longest-reigning ruler of Britain is still held by Queen Victoria, who ruled for 63 years and 216 days.

During World War II, Elizabeth was trained as a driver and mechanic in the army. Among all the various dog breeds, she likes Welsh Corgis the most, and has several of them.

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