1924: Marlon Brando was a Brandau German by Origin

1924: Marlon Brando was a Brandau German by Origin
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Famous actor Marlon Brando was born on this day in Omaha, Nebraska. It is interesting that his last name is of German origin. The name Brando actually comes from the German Brandau. An ancestor of Marlon Brando, a German named Johann Wilhelm Brandau, immigrated to America at the beginning of the 18th century. Apparently he arrived from the German region of Palatinate (Pfalz), which at that time belonged to Bavaria (they had the same ruler, from the well-known Wittelsbach dynasty).

The U.S. state in which Brando was born – Nebraska – has a substantial German population. As much as 42.7 % of the population of Nebraska has German roots (a greater proportion of Germans can be found only in neighboring Dakota and Wisconsin). Apart from German, Marlon Brando also had Irish, English, and Dutch ancestry.

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