1924: How did Hitler Spend his Time in Prison?

1924: How did Hitler Spend his Time in Prison?
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On this day a Bavarian court sentenced Adolf Hitler to five years in prison. The reason was Hitler’s failed putsch organized in the Bürgerbräukeller beer hall in Munich the year before. That famous beer hall served the Nazis as a gathering place when they were preparing to seize power in Germany (it was demolished in 1979 and the Munich City Hilton Hotel now stands there).

Hitler was placed in Landsberg prison, 65 kilometers west of Munich. He spent some time there writing the famous book Mein Kampf, which soon became a bestseller (the earnings from the book allowed him to buy a Mercedes while he was still in prison). Fellow Nazi Rudolf Hess (later the Führer’s deputy), to whom Hitler dictated the text of his book, shared a cell with him.

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