1918: Charlie Soong – the Chinese Christian Whose Three Daughters “Ruled” China

1918: Charlie Soong – the Chinese Christian Whose Three Daughters “Ruled” China
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  • Historical event:
  • 02 May 1918
  • Soong`s three daughters married some of the most powerful people in China (Chiang Kai-shek, Sun Yat-sen, H. H. Kung - once the richest man in China).

On this day in 1918, the Chinese missionary and businessman Charlie Soong died.

Although he was born in China, at the age of 15 he sailed with his uncle to Boston. In the USA, he met the Methodist missionaries (the Methodists are one of the Protestant denominations) and converted to ChristianityHe received a degree in theology, and in 1886 was sent to China as a missionary (the Methodists wanted a Chinese man to be a Christian missionary in China).

Charlie Soong came to China, but engaged in entrepreneurship, and left his preaching profession. He connected with the revolutionary-minded politician Sun Yat-hay, who was also a Christian (he later became the first president of the Republic of China). Charlie Soong settled in China, and his children became very influential people. His eldest daughter Soong Ai-ling married the richest man in China – H. H. Kung (the former Chinese Minister of Finance).

Soong Ching-ling married Sun Yat-sen (the first temporary President of the Republic of China), and his youngest daughter Soong May-ling married Chiang Kai-shek (the long-time President of China/Taiwan)Some say that allegedly “one [daughter] loved money, one power, and one her homeland”. The eldest son of Charlie Soong became the Prime Minister of China and the Prime Minister of Taiwan.

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