1916: Alexander Obolensky: Russian Prince who was an English Rugby Representative

1916: Alexander Obolensky: Russian Prince who was an English Rugby Representative
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This day in 1916 marked the birth of the interesting Russian prince Alexander Obolensky, who spent most of his life in Great Britain. Indeed, he managed to become a famous rugby player in England. Prince Obolensky was born in Petrograd, which was at that time the capital of the Russian Empire.

His family stemmed from the Russian Rurik dynasty, so they had the right to bear the title of princes. It is interesting that Alexander Obolensky’s mother was a member of the well-known Naryshkin family (Natalya Naryshkina was the mother of emperor Peter the Great).

The October revolution broke out in Petrograd, when Prince Alexander was only one-and-a-half years old. The family left Russia and settled in London, in the Muswell Hill area. Prince Alexander studied at the famous Oxford University, where he was also a successful rugby player.

Prince Alexander Obolensky became a member of the English rugby representation at the time when he didn’t even have British citizenship, which allegedly caused a minor scandal. However, he was granted British citizenship in 1936. He played for England at a match against New Zealand at the beginning of that year, and it was then that he rose to prominence (England won the match).

During World War II Prince Obolensky joined the British Royal Air Force (RAF). He died in 1940 when his Hawker Hurricane aircraft crashed in southeastern England. He was only 24 at the time of his death. A monument to him was recently erected in England.

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