1900: Mysterious Disappearance at a Lighthouse

1900: Mysterious Disappearance at a Lighthouse

On this day, the entire crew of the lighthouse on the isolated Scottish island of Eilean Mor simply vanished.

This day marks the anniversary of one of the most mysterious disappearances in history. The entire crew of the lighthouse on the isolated Scottish island of Eilean Mor simply vanished. The crew included three people responsible for the functioning and maintenance of the lighthouse: Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and Donald MacArthur.

The lighthouse was located on the otherwise uninhabited island of Eilean Mor, which means “Large Island” in Gaelic. It is the largest of the so-called Flannan Isles, an uninhabited group of islands nicknamed the “Seven Hunters” some 32 kilometers away from the nearest coast, far to the northwest of Scotland. The isles are perhaps more precisely described as a group of rocks that rises up to 88 meters above the sea’s surface.

The lighthouse is located next to that highest peak. It is 23 meters high, and had a permanent crew of three, while a fourth would occasionally come from the neighboring coast. The three permanent crew disappeared sometime in December 1900. The first sign of their disappearance was when the lighthouse suddenly stopped functioning. A passing ship notified the people in the nearest harbor about this.

On this day, a search party arrived from the harbor to the lighthouse to investigate. They discovered that none of the three crewmen were there. Furthermore, the beds were unmade, and one of the kitchen chairs was overturned, as if someone had left in a hurry. It is also interesting that one of their raincoats was left in the living quarters, meaning someone had went out in the bad weather unprotected.

The investigation yielded no definite results. Many theories surfaced, likely inspired by the fact that the area was uninhabited, isolated, and had a harsh climate. They range from stories involving ghosts, typical for the local Celtic mythology, to newer theories about UFOs and alien abduction.

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