1891: The Dalton Brothers’ First Successful Train Robbery

1891: The Dalton Brothers’ First Successful Train Robbery
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The famous Dalton Brothers of the Wild West started their criminal career with a train robbery on this day.

Of a total of eight Dalton brothers, three became famous as the leaders of the homonymous gang. They were Grat, Bob, and Emmett Dalton. Interestingly, their older brother Frank was on the side of the law, as a Deputy U.S. Marshal. However, he died young while trying to catch a horse thief. Also, Grat, Bob, and Emmett at first started in his footsteps and became the guardians of the law, but they became renegades after not being paid for their work once.

On this day they, allegedly, robbed a train at the Southern Pacific Railway. After a series of successful train robberies they wanted some spectacular action that would make them more famous than Jesse James himself. They decided to rob two banks at the same time and in a broad daylight. While they were busy looting the banks, the locals managed to arm themselves and were waiting for them. When they came out, the shooting began. Bob and Grat Dalton were killed, but Emmett survived, despite receiving 23 gunshot wounds. He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. He got out after 14 years and became a real estate agent in California, an actor and a writer.

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