1883: Alexander III: The Russian Tsar who Had Uncommon Strength

1883: Alexander III: The Russian Tsar who Had Uncommon Strength
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This day marked the coronation of Russian Tsar Alexander III Romanov in Moscow. He was the penultimate reigning emperor of Russia because the rule of his son, Tsar Nicholas II, was interrupted by the revolution.

Alexander III was about 193 centimeters tall. He was famous for his great physical strength. Once, when he and his family were travelling by train, an accident occurred and the train overturned. Tsar Alexander III allegedly held the roof of the damaged carriage with his own hands in order to save his family.

Tsar Alexander III was a rather conservative ruler, unlike his father. For example, when Alexander III became emperor, he prevented his father’s decision from being carried out. Namely, his father wanted to reduce the absolute power of the Russian rulers, but Alexander III ruled autocratically.

Allegedly, he was a Russian nationalist, and a proselyte Orthodox Christian. The revolutionaries wanted to kill him, but the notorious secret police (Okhrana) revealed the conspiracy, and many people were executed (including Lenin’s older brother Aleksandar Ulyanov).

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