1872: Mystery of the Mary Celeste

1872: Mystery of the Mary Celeste
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Story Highlights

  • historical event: The ship Mary Celeste was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean in pristine condition on this day. The weather was nice and all on board seemed normal, beside the fact that all members of the crew disappeared without a trace.

The ship Mary Celeste is the greatest maritime mystery in history. Namely, on this day in the year 1872, that ship was found in the Atlantic Ocean in pristine condition, but without a single crew member. The boat was well stocked with food and water, the weather conditions were good, and the passengers’ and crew members’ personal belongings, even valuables, were found on board. Some of the ship’s sails were still set and the ship was on her way to Gibraltar. However, none of the crew was ever seen again.

Numerous theories as what happened to the crew arose, many of which were draw on supernatural factors. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, wrote a story on this vessel, which contains many details from the real story.

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