1870: The Emperor’s Fatal Battle of Sedan

1870: The Emperor’s Fatal Battle of Sedan
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  • Historical event:
  • 1 September 1870
  • After the tough battle, the Germans captured the Emperor Napoleon III, which led to the fall of the Second French Empire.

The French Emperor Napoleon III decided to take personal command of the army, and his goal was to prevent the German army’s penetration into France.

He was heading towards the northern French border, and his army was approaching the German lines. However, the German commander Field Marshal Count von Moltke tricked the emperor, and captured him in the city of Sedan.

Napoleon III was held captive for more than six months. The Battle of Sedan sealed his fate (he lost everything), and that of Germany. Victory in the war enabled the unification of Germany.

It is interesting to note that the young Friedrich Nietzsche was among the German soldiers during the war, when he got dysentery and diphtheria.

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