1836: Battle of the Alamo

1836: Battle of the Alamo
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On this day began one of the most famous episodes in American history – the Battle of the Alamo.

Alamo was a missionary town in Texas, defended by the Texans from the incoming Mexicans. Namely, it was a time when Texas did not belong to the United States, but fought for its independence from Mexico. The Texans wanted to establish an independent state in the region, and Mexican President Santa Anna, of course, wanted to prevent that. Therefore, he mobilized his army of approximately 1,500 men and besieged Alamo.

The fighting began on this day and lasted for 13 days. Alamo was defended by about 200 Texans, including the famous Davy Crockett (in the film he was portrayed by John Wayne). One of the defense commanders was Colonel James Bowie, after whom the famous “Bowie knife” is called today. According to legend, all but two defenders were killed.

Although the Alamo fell, its heroic defense and sacrifices inspired many Texans to continue fighting and after two months there was a decisive battle at San Jacinto in which the Texans, under Sam Houston, defeated the Mexicans and won their independence. Alamo is today the most popular tourist destination in Texas.

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