1795: After whom are Jack Russell Terriers Named?

1795: After whom are Jack Russell Terriers Named?
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  • Historical event
  • 21 December 1795
  • Jack Russell was an Anglican priest that practiced dog breeding as a secondary occupation.

On this day the famous dog breeder John “Jack” Russell was born. His name is now known throughout the world through the Jack Russell Terriers breed. It is interesting that Russell was actually an Anglican priest, and dog breeding he practiced as a secondary occupation. Russell was born on the southwest coast of England, in the county of Devon. He was educated at the famous Oxford University.

According to legend, Russell saw a small white terrier with dark tan spots over the eyes, ears and at the tip of the tail precisely at Oxford. This puppy, actually a female, was owned by a local milkman. Russell bought the dog and the famous dogs of the breed Jack Russell supposedly originated from her. It is interesting that these dogs were originally bred for fox hunting. In fact, Russell was an enthusiastic hunter. The Jack Russell Terrier breed is characterized by exuberance and energy, probably due to its hunting origins.

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