1782: Maria Amalia – The Last Queen of France

1782: Maria Amalia – The Last Queen of France
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Queen Maria Amalia allegedly gave 80% of her income to charities.

Maria Amalia de Bourbon was born on this date in 1782. She was the last queen in the history of France. To elaborate, she was the wife of the last French king Louis Philippe I, also known by the nickname “Citizen King”, after whom the monarchy was abolished in France.

Marie Amalia was born in Caserta Palace near Naples, one of the largest such buildings in the world. Her father was Ferdinand I of Two Sicilies, based in Naples. She was a descendant of the French king Louis XIV through her father’s line, and the granddaughter of Austrian Empress Maria Theresa through her mother’s line.

The French queen Marie Antoinette, who was guillotined during the French Revolution, was Marie Amalia’s aunt (mother’s sister). At the moment of the execution, Marie Amalia was only 11 years old. Still, the monarchy was restored after the French Revolution and the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in France, and it was precisely Marie Amalia who became the new queen in 1830.

Marie Amalia was allegedly a very devout Catholic and gave 80% of her income to charities. After the monarchy was abolished in France, she went into exile with her husband. British queen Victoria provided them with refuge at Claremont House in England. Maria Amalia spent the last 18 years of her life in England. She died at the age of 83 and was buried in France.

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