1740: Prussian King Frederick II the Great Accedes to the Throne

1740: Prussian King Frederick II the Great Accedes to the Throne
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Frederick II the Great came to the throne the same year as Maria Theresa, his arch-rival.

The reign of Frederick II the Great, one of the most significant rulers in German history, began on this day in 1740. He acceded to the Prussian throne at the age of 28. This occurred almost at the same time as Empress Maria Theresa, his arch-rival, became the ruler of Austria. She was around five years younger than him.

Hostilities broke out almost immediately. Frederick (and many other rulers) denied Maria Theresia her right to the throne because she was a woman invaded the lands had inherited. This conflict became known as the War of the Austrian Succession. He managed to take and hold Silesia, her northernmost province, which was also among her most prosperous ones. Silesia remained in Prussian hands even after the Seven Years’ War, which was also waged between Frederick and Maria. Frederick’s reign lasted until his death in 1786 (46 years). A curious fact about Frederick is that Adolf Hitler considered him his idol, and kept a large portrait of him in his chancellery.

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