1536: Henry VIII Marries his Third Wife only 11 Days after his Second Wife’s Execution

1536: Henry VIII Marries his Third Wife only 11 Days after his Second Wife’s Execution
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On this day the English King Henry VIII married for the third time, only 11 days after he had his previous wife beheaded. This previous wife was the famous Anne Boleyn, because of whom Henry severed his ties with the Catholic Church. His decision had fateful consequences on the religious life in England, which are still felt even today.

Who was the king’s third chosen? Her name was Jane Seymour and she was the daughter of one of king’s courtiers. Jane was the lady-in-waiting of the previous Queen Anne Boleyn. However, Anne Boleyn was not able to bear a living son despite multiple pregnancies, and the king soon turned cold towards her. Indeed, after only three years of marriage with Anne Boleyn, the king already started courting her maid, Jane Seymour. He soon decided to get rid of Anne, so accusations about her multiple adultery and incest were made. Anne Boleyn was convicted and executed, and already the very next day the king became engaged to Jane. On this day, Jane became queen by marrying the king.

Jane Seymour was the only one of Henry’s six wives who bore him a son who survived infancy. It was the future King Edward VI, whose birth was so problematic that it allegedly lasted for three nights and two days. Jane Seymour died just 12 days after the birth, from complications. She was the only wife of Henry’s for whom he prepared a queen’s funeral, and the only one who is buried next to him in the chapel of Windsor Castle.

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