1095: Leaders of the First Crusade Appointed

1095: Leaders of the First Crusade Appointed
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  • historical event: The call to the First Crusade was proclaimed in the heart of France, and the leaders of the campaign were appointed there – one from the clerical and one from the warrior class.

On this day, then men that would lead the First Crusade to the Holy Land were appointed. This happened at the famous Council of Clermont, in the heart of France, where the call to the First Crusade was proclaimed. Pope Urban II appointed as leaders two men – one from the clerical and one from the warrior class.  The warriors were represented by who was then probably the most powerful feudal lord in France – Count Raymond of Toulouse. The clerical class was represented by Bishop Adhemar of Le Puy, whom the Pope named his legate. Papal legates have a great reputation in the Catholic Church, especially the legates a latere, who have are personal representatives of the pope.

Bishop Adhemar indeed had the role of a spiritual leader during the crusade, because he called for unity in cases of disputes between the Crusaders and helped boost their morale. He also advocated for discipline among the Christians, which was difficult to maintain in such conditions. He was a bishop of the famous Le Puy-en-Velay in the mountainous central part of France, where a famous pilgrimage is located. Bishop Adhemar, however, did not live to conquer Jerusalem because he died of disease during travel.

Count of Toulouse, probably the richest of the Crusaders, managed to conquer Jerusalem together with other Christian knights. He was supposed to become the king of Jerusalem, but refused the title.

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