Greek Catholics in Dalmatia

Greek Catholics in Dalmatia

Two Orthodox priests from Dalmatian villages Kričke and Baljci became Catholics 1832. year. Their names were Petar Krička and Marko Busović. They became Catholic priests but remained faithful to their Byzantine rite and tradition. Upon returnal to their parishes. some of their parishers decided to follow them and become Catholics of Byzantine Rite. Soon after same thing happned in nearby Vrlika. Greek Catholic bishop of Križevci 1835. founded three Greek Catholic parishes in Dalmatia for new converts. For Dalmatian Greek Catholics churches were build in each village very soon. They were consecrated to Trasnfiguration of the Lord (Baljci), Protection of the Mother of God (Kričke) and Holy Trinity (Vrlika). During 19. century there were several hundred Greek Catholics in Dalmatia. However numbers started to decrease due to emigration and return to Orthodoxy. Parishes were active until the end of World War II. when churches were badly damaged. During 1942. last priest escaped because of life threats. Without priest during communist Yugoslavia some Greek Catholics accepted Roman rite and became Roman Catholics, but part of them also became Orthodox. Very few remained Catholics of Byzantine rite. After years of absence 2010. Greek Catholic liturgy was performed on ruins of church in Kričke. The renewal of Church Protection of the Mother of God begun 2013.. Next year (2019.) it is planned to rebuild the roof.

Author: Ivo Mišur

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